Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology,Gazipur.

A group of young, energetic, ingenious and well qualified faculty members
are devotedly working for the prosperity of the new department.


Head of the Department

Dr. Ganesh Chandra Saha
B.Sc. Engg. (BITD), M.Sc. Engg. (BUET), Ph.D. (BUET)
Field of Specialization: Environmental Engineering
E-mail: ganesh at duet.ac.bd, ganeshduet at yahoo.com


Assistant Professor

Joarder Hafiz Ullah (View Profile)
B. Arch (KU)
Field of Specialization: Architectural Design
Field of Interest: Architectural History, Architecture of Bengal, Urbanism.
E-mail: joarderhafiz at gmail.com, j.hafiz at duet.ac.bd

Dilruba Yasmin (View Profile)
B. Arch (KU)
Field of interest: Architectural history and theory, Domestic architecture.
E-mail: dilruba.arch13 at duet.ac.bd

Shaila Islam (View Profile)
B. Arch (KU)
Field of Specialization: Architectural Design
Field of interest: Settlement planning, Urban planning, Vernacular architecture.
E-mail: ar.shaila at duet.ac.bd, ar.shaila at hotmail.com

Istiaque Ahmed (View Profile)
B. Arch (KU), M.Sc. (London)
Field of Specialization: Architectural Design & Research
Field of Interest: Social, Ethical & Cultural Aspects in Architecture
E-mail: ar.istiaque at hotmail.com, ar.istiaque at duet.ac.bd
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Farhana Ahsan (View Profile)
B. Arch (BUET)
Field of Interest: Thermal Built Environment, Daylight
E-mail: mou_0999 at yahoo.com, ar.farhana at duet.ac.bd



Fariha Seraj (View Profile)
B. Arch (BUET)
Field of Interest: Climate & Design, Sustainability, Energy & Architecture.
E-mail: fariha.seraj at gmail.com, fariha.seraj at duet.ac.bd

Rifat Tabassoom (View Profile)
B. Arch (BUET)
Field of interest: Architectural History, Green architecture, Sustainable Building Design
E-mail: rifat07arch at yahoo.com, rifattabassom at duet.ac.bd

K. M. Ulil Amor Bin Zaman (View Profile)
B. Arch (KU)
Field of interest: Sustainability, Urban Development, Industrial Architecture.
E-mail: uafahad at gmail.com, uafahad@duet.ac.bd

M. M. Lekhon Alam
(On study leave)
B. Arch (KU)
Field of Interest: Contemporary Architecture, Bengal Architecture, Contexual Urban Spaces, Regionalism etc.
E-mail: mmlekhon at duet.ac.bd, lekhon_arch at yahoo.com

Salima Afroz
E-mail: salima_afroz at yahoo.com, salima.arch at duet.ac.bd

Mr. Md. Arifuzzaman
Field of Interest: Green Architecture, Computer Application, Environmental Design
E-mail: hiron.buet at gmail.com, arifuzzaman at duet.ac.bd

Mr. Md. Sabbir Hussain (View Profile)
Field of Interest: Marginal Community Housing, Mega Structures, Disaster Adaptive Architecture
E-mail: ar.sabbir at duet.ac.bd, ar.md.sabbir at gmail.com

Mr. Ram Krishna Saha
Field of Interest: Urban Design Environment, Energy Efficiency
E-mail: ram.buet at gmail.com

Mr. Merazul Islam Bhuyan
Field of Interest: Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture
E-mail: prince.ku.arch at gmail.com, merazulislam at duet.ac.bd

Mr. Tasniva Rahman Mumu
Field of Interest: Urban Design, Water Urbabism, Landscape Urbanism, Sustainable Architecture, Bioclimatic Design
E-mail: tasnivaa at yahoo.com

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