Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology,Gazipur.

The Department provides adequate laboratory, library and other facilities to its faculty members and students. The Department has modern laboratories, which are used for undergraduate and graduate studies and research works. The Departmental undergraduate courses are laboratory intensive and this requirement is fulfilled from the departmental well-equipped laboratories. The Department has the following laboratories:

1.   Electrical Machine Lab

2.   Electrical Circuits Lab

3.   Electronics Lab

4.   Telecommunication Engineering Lab

5.   Control Engineering Lab                                    

6.   Measurement and Instrument Lab

7.   Power Electronics Lab

8.   Microwave Lab

9.   Switchgear Lab

10.   High Voltage Engineering Lab

11.   Digital Technique Lab

12.   Microprocessor Lab

13.   VLSI  Lab

Most of these laboratories are equipped with personal computers. The students are given a first hand practical knowledge in these laboratories, of what they are taught in theory classes as well as of what they are supposed to do afterwards.


Consultancy, Research and Testing Services

Another significant part of the department activities is the testing, advisory and consultancy services including research and development work for industries and organizations of national importance. These services are regularly offered by the department and are considered to be of great help by the clients. These types of activities provide the teachers the opportunities to gain some valuable experience. Such interaction between the university and the industry extends the role of the university in the national development.


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