Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology,Gazipur.


Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury 
B.Sc Engg. (BITC), M.Sc Engg. (BUET), Ph.D (BUET) 
Field of Specialization: Applied Mechanics 
E-mail: asad at duet.ac.bd, asadzmn2014 at yahoo.com

Assistant Professor

Mr. Prithbey Raj Dey
B.Sc Engg. (BUET), M.Sc Engg. (BUET)
Field of Specialization: Reliability and Robustness Engineering, Probabilistic Engineering, Operations Research
E-mail: prithbey at yahoo.com

Mr. Mohammad Shahadath Hossain (View Profile)
B.Sc Engg. (BUET), M.Sc Engg. (BUET)
Field of Interests: Green machining, Composite materials, Nano composites, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Nano machining
E-mail: shahadath.hera at gmail.com


Ms. Hasina Tabassum Chowdhury
B.Sc Engg. (BUET)
Field of Interest: Quality Control & Management, Supply Chain Management, Industrial & Business Management
E-mail: h.tchowdhury at yahoo.com, tabassum.u at duet.ac.bd

Ms. Nilufa Yeasmin
B.Sc Engg. (RUET)
Field of Interest: Computational fluid mechanics, Metaheuristics
E-mail: nilaiperuet at yahoo.com

Mr. Shohanuzzaman Shohan
B.Sc Engg. (KUET)
Field of Specialization : System Engineering, Operation Research
E-mail: shohanuzzaman65 at yahoo.com

Mr. Hasan Symum
B.Sc Engg. (BUET), M.Sc (Florida State, USA)
Field of Specialization: Optimization, Quality Control and Engineering
E-mail: symum442 at gmail.com

Mr. Mohammad Rashidul Hassan
Field of Interest: Supply Chain Management
E-mail: rumon01lal at gmail.com

Mr. Md. Shovon Zahid
B.Sc. Engg. (BUET)
Field of Interest: Menufacturing Process, Supply Chain Management, CAD/CAM, Machine Tools, Mechanical Drawing
E-mail: emon08buet at gmail.com

Mr. Imran Hasan Tusar
B.Sc. Engg. (BUET)
Field of Interest: Numerical Analysis, Operations Management
E-mail: tusarbuetipe at gmail.com

Mr. Mahmud Khan
B.Sc. Engg. (KUET)
Field of Interest: Operations Management, Supply Chain Management
E-mail: mahmudazam99 at gmail.com

Mr. Chowdhury Sakib-Uz-Zaman
B.Sc. Engg. (BUET)
Field of Interest: Optimization, Operation Research, Composite material, Supply chain
E-mail: siam.csuz at gmail.com, sakib.zaman at duet.ac.bd

Mr. Shaim Mahamud
B.Sc. Engg. (DUET)
Field of Interest: Automated manufacturing and optimization of processes.
E-mail: shaim.mahamud71 at gmail.com


Technical Officer

Engr. Sazzad Hosen


Assistant Technical Officer

Mr. Mominul Islam
E-mail: mominul.duet at gmail.com, mominul at duet.ac.bd


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