Department of Architecture Architecture Architecture (ARCH)

The Department of Architecture, one of the latest departments at DUET under the Faculty of Civil Engineering started its journey from 2011 and first enrolled 30 students in academic session 2011-2012. Among the Public Universities in Bangladesh, the Department of Architecture, DUET is a unique department, offers five years Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) degree merely to the students of diploma background coming from whole country. History of architecture is the history of civilization. Creative architects dealing with vision can analyze problem, innovate solution, rationalize process, and optimize resources. In Bangladesh there is an increasing awareness of the value of architectural heritage versus the needs of a modern society and the socio-economic and cultural context of the built form. Architects, the leaders of the building sector, influence the society by shaping the habitat and strive to fulfill three attributes durability, utility and beauty. Well recognized and in good demand, they also excelled in other creative medias through an education enabling them to be self-employed. This department commits to the value of design supported by the mutually reinforcing aspects of creativity, investigation and technology. Steadfast in providing professionally relevant, socially aware, and environmentally sensitive directions to learning, it actively engages with the changing needs of modern society. The Program aims to create socio-culturally and environmentally aware building professionals for this century who will bring order, vitality and beauty to the built environment. The brilliant young academics encourage creativity, hand-on learning, integrated theory and studio, and contextual response.

Our Vision

To produce socially responsible architects capable of harmonizing historical and socio-cultural aspects with the technicalities of architectural design in order to address problems associated with the built-environment.

Our Mission

  • To offer a need-based, diverse, interdisciplinary and rigorous curriculum through comprehensive studio and classroom environment.
  • To produce human resources for active participation in the ongoing shaping of knowledge about the built environment.
  • To engage students in independent design research and personal development.
  • To enable students with a diverse range of transferable skills necessary to perform in the national and global premises.
  • To research and apply integrated design thinking to context-specific problems in the beyond the field.
  • To produce professional with the capabilities to manage, advocate, and act legally, ethically, and critically for good of client, society and public.