Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Electricity is the most conducive part of the modern technology based life. Even all other technology, which is thought as munificent to human life, is also electricity or electronically controlled. The professional activities of electrical engineers directly affect the everyday lives of most of the world’s population. They are responsible for the design and development of radio and television transmitters and receivers, telephone networks and switching systems, computer systems, and electric power generation and distribution. Within the broad scope of these systems, the electrical engineer is concerned with a challenging and diverse array of design and development problems. The students who earn a B. Sc. Engineering degree from the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering will be involved in a variety of electrical and electronic problems in the course of their careers.

Scope of Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering plays a major role in the development of science and technology. This role is more important as the use of electronic devices and electric power is increasing in many technologies, such as VLSI, lasers, material processing, optoelectronic devices, robotics, communication, computer technology, micro-machine, electric power supply, various types of control systems etc. Since the areas covered by Electrical and Electronic Engineering are increasing, the Department provides a broad curriculum to its students to adequately address those issues. Hence The students can choose their educational program according to their interests. They can choose a program that is partly related to electronic devices, electronic applications, and/or computer and communication. Besides the theoretical knowledge, intensive care is also given so that an engineer becomes pragmatic in terms of his/her respective area of specialization. In addition, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of DUET, Gazipur offers postgraduate studies and research for higher degree leading to M. Sc. Engg., M. Engg. and Ph. D. To reciprocate such venture, the department offers financial assistance to the brilliant students. The Department is also incarnated with other activities, such as, expert level training on the appropriate field for the faculty members to develop human resources, consulting different organizations to facilitate them and exchanging knowledge with different national and international universities, etc.

Our Vision

To be an an eminent center for outcome-based education, research and innovation in electronic engineering for the advancement of society.

Our Mission

  • To offer congenial surroundings for world-class schooling, research and innovation in electrical and electronic engineering.
  • To train and produce competent and innovative graduates with ethical values and sound academic background.
  • To promote versatile linkage across universities, industries and professional organizations for research and innovation.
  • To contribute to the the national strategy for socio-economic development and industrial growth.
  • To provide consultancy services for solving relevant issues at national and international levels.